Press Release for East's book!

New Children’s Book Teaching Kids to Love Themselves Just the Way They Are!

East the Long-Trunked Elephant, a children’s illustrated picture book, for three to six year olds, by Kicki Pallin, launched in November (Printed edition) and December (eBook) 2017.

The book tells the tale of a little elephant called East who has a very long trunk. More than anything else he wants to have a shorter trunk, like the other elephants. That way, the other kids wouldn't tease him and laugh at him. But one day he leaves the elephant camp to spy on two mischievous tiger brothers who look to be up to no good. His adventure takes a surprising turn, and he ultimately learns an important life lesson.

The author, Kicki Pallin, who lives in Stockholm, is a mother of two grown-up children. 

Kicki has been writing stories ever since her kids were toddlers, but she didn’t start publishing her books until 2014. She wrote East the Long-Trunked Elephant after the Tsunami in South East Asia in 2004.

Kicki said, “When the devastating tsunami hit South East Asia in 2004, the elephants had already known long before that something terrible was about to happen. Intuitively, they fled as far away from the shores as possible. This story about East was inspired by the intuitive wisdom of the elephants and it is my humble way of honoring them and their gift.

“My main message in this book is that we are all perfect exactly the way we are; regardless of our faith and color, whether or not we are tall, short, chubby or thin. With or without freckles. With a big nose or a small one. We are perfect as we are, and when we realize that our so-called weaknesses can even be our strengths ... just like they were for East.”

Before she decided to start taking her book writing career more seriously, Kicki has had a number of jobs, including a journalist, a teacher, a radio host, and a sales and marketing manager.

When she is not writing, Kicki loves to spend time with her family, paint, take photos, travel, explore nature, go to the cinema and exhibitions. She also enjoys taking a dip in the ocean.

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Kicki Pallin at Edsviken, Sollentuna. Photographer: Sissi Saller