East in JaamZIN Art Magazine!

JaamZIN Art Magazine18 January 2018

East and I have just been featured in JaamZIN Art Magazine, thanks so much @jaamzinstudio 🐘!


JaamZIN Art Magazine Children Books

"I write to uplift and encourage children and young adults, as we all can need someone that believes in us at times. There's a great comfort in knowing that we're more alike than different, and perfect just as we are." - Kicki Pallin


The Hidden History of Scandinavia’s Love of Cardamom”

With an interview with Kicki Pallin about her love of Cardamom.

An article by Olivia Miltner at Ozy.com

The Hidden History of Scandinavias's Love of Cardamom

THE DAILY DOSE • Nov 23 2017