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Kicki Pallin

Photo: Sissi Saller

Kicki Pallin lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She says she has, to some extent, been a writer all her life. Having three older sisters that were eager to teach her all kinds of things, she early discovered the pleasure of reading and writing. Something she loved passing on to her two, now grown-up, sons. Kicki would feel utterly at loss if she one day wouldn't be able to express herself in writing. She has written for newspapers, radio and various social media. Since last year, she is also the owner of Pallin Communication, and besides writing and painting she also works as a tutor and coach. In her spare time Kicki enjoys spending time with family and friends, travel, being in nature, going to the cinema and museums.

Twitter: @KickiPallin

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Sophia Ananda

Sculpture from Edsbergs Palace, Sollentuna

Sophia Ananda lives by the water in Stockholm,  the capital of Sweden, with her grey and white cat Smilla. She has always had a special connection to the spiritual realm, and loves angels and fairies. Sophia says she is deeply fascinated by the gifts of her fellow human beings, and loves to see others follow their passion. She believes in the wonder of letting one's heart decide where the life journey will take you. Sophia has spent most of her professional career working as a journalist and teacher. But she is now devoted to her life's passion, supporting people in getting in contact with their true calling and spreading the message of love and hope.