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Welcome to Rainbow Zoo - A Place Where Dreams Come True (2022)

Author: Sophia Sullivan & Kicki Pallin

Illustrator: Lucía Benito

Publishing House: Pallin Publishing

"East, The Long-Trunked Elephant" is soon to be released in a Spanish edition. 


Both in Hardcover and Kindle eBook!

East, The Long-Trunked Elephant  (2017)

Author: Kicki Pallin 

Illustrator: Lucía Benito 

Publishing House: Little Light Sparks, the children’s book division of The Light Network.

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The book tells the tale of the little elephant East, who has a very long trunk. More than anything else he wants to have a shorter trunk, like the other elephants. Then, the other kids wouldn't tease him and laugh at him. But one day he leaves the elephant camp to spy on two mischievous tiger brothers. His adventure takes a surprising turn, and he ultimately learns an important life lesson.

Shine Your Light - Happiness in the Company of Angels (2014)

52 Weekly Quotes of Love and Support

Author: Sophia Ananda

Publishing House: Pallin Publishing 


In this book you will find 52 weekly quotes inspired by the angels, to support and encourage you in your daily life. Some of the quotes also come together with beautiful pictures, as a reminder to look at life through the eyes of a child, or an angel.

People are saying;
"I was surprised and delighted by this little book. Such positive affirmations of the goodness and joy each of us can create in our own lives and the lives of others. It is appropriate for anyone of any age or gender. From the angel's mouths to your ears. Enjoyed it immensely."

"I love this little book! The best thing about it: the simplicity of it. The power of the weekly one sentencers is good for ANYONE! Our family sort of looks at it like little angels whispering in our ear. Thanks so much for a well done book!"

"This is a clever and handy method for reminding us that we are uniquely and wonderfully made. By focusing on one short thought throughout the week, it could change someone's life."

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